SIS specializes in integrating PLCs on the shop floor with data collection hardware and LabVIEW™ software so our customers can track and analyze reams of data on an hourly basis.


Regardless of the industries they serve, our customers all face similar problems – either too much or too little data.


SIS has developed a suite of software and hardware tools to supply process control, high-speed data acquisition and analysis for multiple automation and product testing needs. Our Multi-DAQ system is designed to integrate DAQ and control in multiple situations. Available in four different configurations, all 4 share a common hardware interface platform, creating a flexible framework for use in a wide variety of industrial and test environments.


Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about SIS tools and the options using DAQ:

Our PLCs won't process large amounts of data, but our customers are demanding 100% testing. How can I do that?

Regular PLCs don’t have the tools and memory to process and analyze large amounts of data, such as high speed data recording, tracking, and performance analysis. Our Combi-DAQ system seamlessly integrates with your existing PLC production equipment to extend the capabilities of your systems for high speed data acquisition, performance analysis, data storage and tracking.

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We recently had a quality spill and now need to start collecting data immediately. Is there a way to do that inexpensively?

​If you’ve experienced inconsistencies in quality, you may temporarily need more information on a process to better understand your variables. You may have discovered that many available data recorders are expensive, record data in proprietary formats and don’t have machine interface capabilities. But our user-friendly Porta-DAQ system can be configured to read a host of variable inputs, including low or high voltage, low or high currents, 4-20mA inputs, temperature, etc.

In addition, the Porta-DAQ can be programmed via ladder logic to synchronize data recording with external inputs, and can provide process control through up to 24 relay outputs. Recorded data can be exported as Excel readable files, or integrated into your system as needed. With a small portable footprint, the system can be re-purposed multiple times as you need.

We only have PLCs, but we know we need to adopt LabView™. Is that hard to do?

​We’ve successfully helped a number of customers make that transition.

Our PLC-DAQ system features a “Soft PLC,” which is a Ladder Logic (or structured text) processor that runs on a Windows platform. This helps your staff who know ladder logic to integrate process control with a product testing system that requires the speed and large data handling native to National Instruments® hardware and LabVIEW™ software.

Combining an optional HMI emulator, the ladder logic engine, and LabVIEW™ test routines all running on the same PC, PLC-DAQ is a cost-effective approach to implementing high speed data collection and analysis, with familiar PLC programming for process control.

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We need a turn-key product test system at a reasonable cost. What are my options?

In addition to handling programs for process control, our SYS-DAQ system integrates a wide range of analog and digital I/O to provide a platform for a comprehensive stand alone In-Process or End-Of-Line test system. Our simple hardware interface approach reduces system cost and complexity, while increasing the system flexibility and reliability. Our test and measurement expertise ensures you the best solution for your specific needs.