SIS specializes in helping manufacturers to collect and analyze test data from their processes to improve quality, reduce scrap and satisfy customer requirements for lot control and quality assurance.


We’ve helped companies the automotive, aerospace, office furniture, medical device, food processing and other industries that had some daunting challenges.


Here’s a few of our success stories, but we have many others. Let us know if we can help you with your data needs – we’ve probably seen it before!


An automotive parts supplier needed an in-process system for monitoring its Electrochemical Machining (ECM) operations where it deburred small, tight tolerance stainless steel parts machined at high production volumes. The supplier discovered its ECM process was not 100% reliable, resulting in parts being quarantined in the supply chain and manually inspected under microscope – a time-consuming and expensive corrective action. SIS developed a method to monitor current flow through each part as it was being deburred in batches of more than 100 parts at a time, verifying enough current passed through the part for effective deburring or annunciating failures. To fit the monitoring system to the existing equipment, SIS was able to package the entire computer system, machine interface and data collection system in an enclosure just 14 inches by 16 inches. Our solution led to a major cost savings for our client, eliminating the need for manual part inspection. Success 1 res2
Success 2 res2 An aerospace component manufacturer needed an automated test system for a gear box it manufactured for U.S. military applications to certify correct operation under extreme load. SIS designed and built a test stand capable of generating up to 100,000 in-lbs of torque, with a tightly controlled load tolerance. The stand incorporates a servo motor and massive gear box to generate the torque applied to the output of the gear box, with a 2nd motor under VFD control to drive the gear box input shaft. LabVIEW™ software controls the load system, and records input and output torques for performance analysis. Test results are stored and automatically printed for operational compliance records.
An automotive parts supplier needed an end-of-line test system for small, smart electric motors it was developing for use in transmission cases. SIS supplied LabVIEW™ software, a load control servo system and a high-speed data acquisition system to measure the performance of each motor under varying electrical and load conditions. Parameters including torque, voltage, and current were measured against pass/fail criteria. One particular test required sampling an analog input channel at 1 million samples per second. Diagnostics information from the motor under test was analyzed and recorded. Test results were passed seamlessly to an Allen Bradley PLC controlling the production line and downloaded directly to a database managed by our client. Success 3 res2
Success 4 res2

An aerospace component manufacturer needed an immediate replacement of an outdated automated test stand that had failed beyond repair.  SIS designed, built, and delivered a complete test system in less than 4 weeks so that the manufacturer could resume normal operations.  Reworking the existing load fixture, SIS supplied a torque controlling servo system, a new electrical panel housing a computer, data acquisition hardware, and all necessary machine control and interface components. New LabVIEW™ software collected data and analyzed the performance of the Unit Under Test to determine pass/fail based on the customer’s requirements. Our rapid response minimized the impact for On Time Delivery for our client.