You’d assume that there would a ton of standard circuit boards on the market for collecting data from production equipment, and you’d be right. But be ready to make compromises on cost, speed or versatility with off-the-shelf boards.

That’s why Superior Integrated Systems (SIS) has developed its own series of proprietary circuit boards that act as the vital link between the PLCs chugging away on your shop floor and the powerful data collection tools from SIS that use the LabVIEW software platform.

“Early on when we worked with customers, we discovered that we were constantly making compromises by using standard circuit boards,” SIS President John Hibma said. “We had to narrowly limit the types of sensors we could use for data collection, or we had to accept slower data collection speeds – or we had to pay more than what was necessary.

“Our response was to design and manufacture our own proprietary circuit boards that offer the kind of flexibility and value that serve our customers best.”

Hibma said he can explain more about the competitive advantages of using the SIS circuit boards at the upcoming Advanced Manufacturing Expo being held in August in Novi and Grand Rapids. For more information on the expo and SIS, go here.